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Made with SuperFabric®

Patented SuperFabric® in ALTAI™ shoes. Guaranteed superior performance.

ALTAI™ shoes are made with our patented SuperFabric® for superior performance.

SuperFabric® is created by infusing tiny but tough guard plates into a piece of fabric. The small gaps between these guard plates allow the fabric to remain flexible. This armour-grade toughness coupled with flexibility and an array of colours and patterns has set SuperFabric® apart from its competitors in material science.

Effective Protection

SuperFabric® is specially designed for anything from extreme applications to rugged daily use. Military apparel, mountaineering gear and rugged back packs are just a few of the numerous applications of SuperFabric®.

Stain Resistance and Water Repellence

The guard plates on SuperFabric® are highly resistant to stains such as mud and dirt. The base fabric is also treated with quality water repellent. As a result, SuperFabric® is a material that is very easy to clean and water resistant.


The small gaps between the guard plates on SuperFabric® allow a healthy circulation of air through the material for maximum breathability. This is an important quality to have in footwear, especially for prolonged and rigorous outdoor use.


SuperFabric® is also a very lightweight material that allows for flexible fitting.

Quick Drying

SuperFabric® is able to dry 10 times quicker than untreated leather.