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Why I don’t buy form others instead?

Our shoes and insoles are incorporating technology of SuperFabric® that offers effective protection, stain resistance & water repellance, breathability, lightweight and quick drying features. Under Armour, Haglofs, NoBull, The North Face, Lalo, Vans and etc. use our SuperFabric® in their shoes.

Regardless you are hiking lovers, motorcyclists or frequent travelers, our shoes, insoles and socks are extremely comfortable, lightweight, downright durable and cost effective.

Our socks employ coolmax technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, offers excellent breathability, washfast and colorfast performance, easy-care and provide insulation on colder days.

How long does the shoes last? (How about insoles & socks)

We offer a180-days warranty covering your initial footwear purchase from Singapore. If you are looking to extend their warranty on the footwear to a full 1-year, you must register their footwear purchase through our online Altai™ Warranty form here,https://www.altaigear.com.sg/customer-care.html. By the way, we do have customers wore them for 3 years and still wearing now.

Refer to https://www.altaigear.com.sg/customer-care.html for more information about warranty criteria and exclusions.

The shoes are Water-Resistant or Water-Proof? (How about insoles?)

We have a 6-months Water-Proof Guarantee for Singapore customers upon initial purchase.

How to take care of the shoes?

1. Expose your ALTAI™ boots’ outer grime to running water. (Be sure to avoid getting water INSIDE your boots!) Under the utility sink faucet will do, but for the nastiest messes, a garden hose will easily take away mud and dirt. Preparedness expert Geek Prepper has demonstrated that with his pair of MFT-100s. Thanks to our key boot feature, SuperFabric®, your boots will clean up easily under high water pressure and remain dry on the inside.

For dried, caked-on mud, a soft brush under running water can help break up larger, hard-to-remove clumps. Be sure to test a small area of your boots with your brush of choice before fully scrubbing them down. https://www.altaigear.com/altai-pro-tip-how-to-clean-altai-tactical-boots/

Where we make the shoes?

Design in US, Manufacture in Korea

Do you sell overseas?

Yes, contact us via email, contact@altaigear.com.sg to arrange for overseas delivery.

Why limited options of design and color?

We focus on delivering the most comfortable wearing experience to our customers instead of giving you the best aesthetic pleasure. However, we are now developing more ranges of shoes and we look forward to incorporate more designs and colors, stay tuned!